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The operation at BASNS has been the subject of a Risk Assessment from a Covid-19 perspective
and all activities are run within the UK Governments published Guidelines

Accessible Boating Thames
has been created to provide a range of Accessible Boating opportunities in the Thames Valley and to provide a model for development and replication on a national basis.

Its purpose is to provide a variety of accessible boating opportunities for people of varying abilities on open water and opportunities for people of varying abilities to engage together in water related activities. We believe that the freedom of movement provided on the water has a therapeutic effect and that the demand is high, both locally and nationally.

The charity is run by a group of experienced people with business and charity backgrounds and fully trained volunteers with a passion for boating.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Our Aims

To enable people of various abilities to enjoy weekly meetings, or specific sessions, facilitated by fully trained and certified personnel in accordance with the governance and licencing of the Royal Yachting Association and in accordance with the mission vision and values of
Accessible Boating Thames including:

Bell Boats

The provision of 3 bell boats for disabled young people from SEND Schools and other disability charities to enjoy specific paddling sessions and similar uses

A Winch

A winch to allow access from a wheelchair for the seriously immobile

Safety Boats

The provision of safety boats to support our operations


The provision of a wheelyboat for people in wheelchairs and for the specific purpose of training and use by disabled people and their families


The provision of volunteer helpers for the various requirements (safety boat and sailing instruction etc.) to enable clients, sometimes with a carer or a family member, to use the crafts according to their needs

Sailing Dinghies

The provision of sailing dinghies for disabled people to enjoy the experience of sailing

Qualified Staff

The provision of qualified trainers and other volunteers to ensure maximum safety, as determined by individual risk assessments


Experience of running two accessible regattas, both attended by over 300 school children (SEND Schools).


Accessible Boating Thames offers the opportunity for disabled and disadvantaged adults, children and young people to develop a long-term involvement with the river and accessible water sports by providing a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.
Accessible Boating Thames intends to hold a bi-annual regatta.


Specialist Craft

Accessible Boating Thames uses various boats and sailing craft for safe, supervised use of people with varying abilities and intends to hold a bi-annual regatta. We provide opportunities for people of varying abilities to associate together and to take part in boating and other water based activities. We also provide various means for accessing the boats for those who would otherwise find such access difficult.

Safety and Freedom

Providing safe recreational opportunities for those who are disabled or have limited abilities allows our clients to enjoy the freedom of movement available on the River Thames. It is hoped that the charity will provide a model for similar developments throughout the UK. Accessible Boating Thames is open to people with a wide range of abilities but our niche area and our expertise & equipment focuses on accessibility

Rivertime Boat Trust

Our Sister Charity - Where it all began

Founded in 2006, children and adults of varying abilities can have a wonderful day out on the river Thames, thanks to the Award Winning Rivertime Boat Trust - sister charity to the Accessible Boating Charity.

Each day trip involves a small group of passengers, cruising on a spacious, purpose-designed 42-foot boat named ‘Rivertime’.

 ‘Rivertime’ is equipped with a ramp and a lift for wheelchairs. There is a toilet for the disabled and a large saloon with a sliding roof for sunny days. The boat can take 12 passengers (including carers) and always goes out with a fully qualified skipper and experienced crew member. There is a small galley for tea, coffee and biscuits. You are welcome to bring your own picnic.

Our objective is to meet your requirements and ensure that all aboard have a really memorable experience in this specially built boat.

Getting On The Water Has Never Been Easier

Become an Accessible Boating Accredited Centre of Excellence

Interested in Being an Accesible Boating Centre?

We’re looking for suitable organisations who would like to offer Accessible boating. We offer consultation and advise to organisations nationwide.

Looking to Partner with Accessible Boating?

If you have a suitable venue but do not want to become experts in the water activities, we are looking for organisations to partner with.